Benefits of GPS Tracking System

Accountability. Productivity. Safety. Efficiency.


GPS tracking devices are a great solution for managing and improving fleet’s metrics. Every fleet can experience the benefits of using a GPS tracking device. Producing a positive return on investment and proving value has never been easier. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 vehicle or 1000+

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benefits of GPS tracking device - Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity


Are your drivers taking the most efficient routes? Are they driving the routes you planned?

With a GPS tracking system, you can update and plan routes more efficiently and in real-time. For example, if you own a logging company and get a sudden request to haul freight, you can see if a truck is in the area to pick up that freight. Companies can deliver more freight in less time while using more efficient routes.

You can also use GPS tracking to improve employee output. For example, a cleaning company employee finds themselves at a home and they realize they forgot a mop.

They can call the home office to look for another cleaner nearby who does have an extra mop. This way, the cleaner get a mop without having to go back to the home office if it’s more efficient.

benefits of GPS tracking device - Control Fuel Cost

Safety and Security


It’s standard for most GPS tracking devices to collect data on speed and hard braking, a.k.a. telematics. More sophisticated devices will track information like backing when leaving and seat-belt use.

All of this data can be used to improve the safety of your drivers. For example, you can create a safety program and measure its success. If you reduce your accident rates, then you know your safety program is working.

benefits of GPS tracking device - Increased Safety

Control Fuel Cost


Idling can consume a lot of fuel. Nobody knows this more than UPS. That’s why they plan their routes to ensure drivers aren’t turning left. Thousands of vehicles sitting at a stop light can cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A GPS tracking device will allow you to record idling time and create policies to reduce it. For example, you might notice that drivers are idling the car after the completion a job, so you conclude that workers are completing paperwork while the car is idling. Now, you can create a policy to reduce idling — saving you on fuel.

Five Benefits of GPS Tracking Systems

Increased Productivity


Control Fuel Costs



Increase Safety and Security


Reduce Expenses


Stay Compliant


Reduce Expenses

A GPS tracking device will assist you in reducing your expenses. For example, you can identify drivers with poor driving habits, then retrain them to your standards. This would lead to lower insurance premiums with fewer accidents and tickets.

Some GPS tracking devices will record engine fault codes, making repairs and maintenance simpler. Not all GPS tracking devices include engine diagnostics or the same quality of diagnostics. That’s why it’s important to review different GPS providers.

A GPS tracking devices allow you to keep your eye on your units. This way, none of your units are forgotten about — hurting your asset utilization rates. With vehicles becoming more expensive, you will need to make sure you’re fully utilizing your vehicles before you have to replace them.

Stay Compliant

A GPS tracking device can make your HOS and DVIR compliance easier. A good GPS device will have ELD for hours of service and give your drivers a simple process for completing their inspection reports.

If you’re ready, get started by checking out our reviews on some of the best GPS tracking devices.